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“EUFAST -Social integration skills for newly arrived migrants and refugees through social stories scenarios enacted using European Cultural heritage sites and near-peer Role Models” (code 2019- 1-EL01-KA204-063043) is implemented in the framework of Erasmus+ by a consortium of 8 organizations from 5 European countries (Greece, Italy, Spain, Cyprus and Germany). The main goal of “EUFAST” project is to reach out migrants and refugees, train them in oral communication skills (listening, body language, friendliness, clarity, empathy, respect) aiming at their fast integration, culture awareness and active participation in the society. The training material, offered through role – playing, multilingual, social stories scenarios enacted through the use of mobile devices, will cover skills ranging from basic interaction with people in the neighborhood, to using public services and interacting with local people. Project’s implementation period is from 1/11/2019 to 28/2/2022.

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