Moments of joy and gratitude

Through the eyes of a Social Worker

“Yesterday, two siblings, two boys that have been with us since the beginning, had their birthday. The elder boy had asked me to accompany them to a fun park as a surprise to his little brother. We had a great time there, the kids played their hearts out, took rides, went upside down and enjoyed themselves creating beautiful memories that will hopefully stay with them forever.

Two moments, though, were the highlights of the evening for me:

On our way back, we had to walk a little in the middle of the night in the city center. I was walking in front of them and I heard little voices chanting: …. here with us, don’t be alone, we all go together be careful “

And just right after that, as we continued to walk back after so many hours of playing and standing and exhaustion, they started to speed up their step saying in one voice: “All we want now is to go back home, to our beds”

That phrase made me feel peaceful after a long time, a relief that no matter how difficult things might get, yes … it is their home.”

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