An Unforgettable Two-Day Experience Thanks to the ‘Safe Steps’ Sports and Game Program

Our children had the opportunity to participate in an exemplary sports and game program designed for individuals who have experienced trauma, the ‘Safe Steps,’ as part of the ‘Sofia Project’ in collaboration with the ‘European Network Against Violence’ and ‘Vima Koino,’ with the generous support of the Onassis Foundation! The program was implemented in the amazing space of the “Experience Park” in Elliniko, a park designed and constructed according to the principles of sustainable development, signaling a new, more environmentally friendly approach.

Initially, the minors familiarized themselves with the park, learned the rules of the activities, the communication with the trainers-psychologists, and their right to express their feelings, as well as their right to participate in the game. In the next phase, they were asked to establish their own rules and choose their activities.

They played soccer on a two-level field, where they realized the importance of effective communication and strategy. They participated in a treasure hunt, learned to collaborate and leverage the abilities of each team member, danced in the park’s fountains to traditional songs from their country, and communicated with the trainers-psychologists about the culture of their country. Finally, they learned to handle a land yacht (with wheels) against the strong wind and be flexible in the constant changes of the wind that constantly altered their plans!

Upon completion of the program and after their lunch, generously provided by Pizza Fan, they admired Olympic and world medals and discussed the values that an athlete is called to serve and the power of effort to reach their goal. The children returned to our facility with smiles on their faces.

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* The accommodation facility for unaccompanied minors operates under the framework of the program “Greece Program – Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund 2021-2027”

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