Summer camp SYNYPARXIS 2023

Just before saying goodbye to July and welcoming August of 2023, we heard the phrase “Summer Camp,” and suddenly our phones were filled with photos, colors, smiles, videos of dives, and a sweet excitement that more or less captured all of us… This little journey is mainly dedicated to those of you who couldn’t experience it firsthand, to those of you who stayed in the background, supporting like the defenders of Thermopylae.

What is this Summer Camp, after all?

It’s a small summer paradise, crafted with passion and imagination. Full of activities, flavors, freshness, smiles, and love! A place, or better yet, a destination that every child and even adult would desire in their array of choices. Though it may have “Summer” in its name, it would fit in any season… Created by Ray of Hope, its team consists of professionals from various fields, educators, robotics and technology scientists, trainers, chefs, hairdressers, and more importantly, individuals with a strong sense of social contribution. And here follows a rare and special photograph…

Meet Harri and Yvonne, educators from Switzerland, the pioneers and coordinators of the camp, but I won’t tell you anything more for now…! That’s because I don’t want to spoil the surprise of hearing them talk about this wonderful project themselves. It’s a great honor for us that they responded to our call to film their activities, answer our questions, along with all their collaborators, and of course, our very knowledgeable General Director, Pantelimon Papasynnefaki.

A documentary is already in the processing stage and will soon transport you to the earthly paradise of the Summer Camp. A documentary, a heartfelt thank you to all of them and all of you who contribute, provide knowledge, services, and above all, love to our children.

To the children of Synyparxis.

A brief glimpse into the workshops.

Cooking Workshop!!!

And we had plenty to say… we cooked and we ate! One of the most productive teams at the camp, preparing daily meals, sweets, and all the snacks under the supervision of Chef Simeon, whom we see on the right.

Sylvia, coordinator in Aspropyrgos, and Chef Simeon. Here we encompass “Delicious” in all genders: “Delicious” (female), “Delicious” (male), and “Delicious” (neutral)!

I won’t comment on anything… no matter what I say, I’ll receive the rehearsed response:

“If you don’t praise your own home…” Just observe the dedication with which Alex’s hands guide the children, and Swiss colleague Selin, a hairdressing educator. Nothing else! Thank you 🙂

Robotics Workshop Fortunately,

we can say that it lasted only a week… and they didn’t have time to learn how to build robots: Caretaker robot, robot psychologist, coordinator… robot general director… For now, we’ve been spared, but I can’t guarantee anything for the future…

Construction Workshop First,

we design, and then we build. Tabletop games and miniatures were created by the children with great enthusiasm, as we will see in the documentary. In the background on the left, we can distinguish: Harry, the instructor of the construction workshop, and our team members dressed in summery creations in earthy colors.

Our jasmine brought the breeze from the opposite alley. Everything was bathed in sunlight at noon. Amidst the scorching midday, a shadow spread its coolness, making everything better. Smiles and gazes extended without restraint into the lens of a wandering photographer.
A photographer who was trying to learn what makes us a great, beloved FAMILY.

Have a great summer and enjoyable vacations.

Text by: Zois Triantafyllou Sfakianakis

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